Mission Statement

As a supplier of Innovative Composite Products, Simontic Composite Inc. is committed to complete customer satisfaction by designing, analyzing, manufacturing and testing composites of the highest quality. We have invested in high quality patents, equipment and training to enhance productivity, high quality, on time delivery, company assets and safe work environment.


Product Innovators 2D, 3D Braided, Woven and Next Generation Composites.
We have successfully developed products used in airplane structural components, naval submarines, mine sweepers, jet engine components, re-engineered composites and ballistic structures.

We have world class manufacturing equipment, educated and dedicated employees who are well equipped to deliver exceptional values to our customers.

Simontic Composite Inc. includes commercial and military divisions.  A leader in 3D braided and woven composites, complex shape high temperature carbon-carbon composites, fire resistant core materials.  The business is located in Greensboro, NC.  A branch of the company is also located in Kent, WA.