About Simontic Composite, Inc.

Innovators for the next generation composites.  A leader in 3D braided and woven composites, complex shape high temperature carbon-carbon composites, fire resistant core materials.  We create and manufacture composite structures for application in aerospace, military, marine, automotive, infrastructures, transportations, biomedical and niche market needs.  Our capabilities include subsystem integration of composite structures, including sensors, radars, electronics and other systems to create a robust unitized structure.

We cover both domestic and international markets.  Our wide range of products are backed up by over 20 US and international patents, which puts us a step ahead of the competition.  Analytical capabilities include Catia CAD system, linear and non-linear analysis of 2D and 3D composite structures using various finite element analysis and in-house codes.  Quality control and testing capabilities include nondestructive testing and various mechanical testing.